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Entryway and Command Center Organization

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We recently transformed an Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet into a custom built in as an affordable and sustainable solution for our lack of entryway space. For years, this shoe cabinet has been a great solution to store all of the things a traditional command center would store, and it sat right inside our garage door. After moving it and making it look like it's always been part of the house, I wanted to reorganize the inside to make sure I'm maximizing the space. Wanna take a look inside?

Before I get into that, let's talk about what's NOT in this shoe cabinet - SHOES! When we rearranged our garage and created a dedicated mudroom, we were able to store all of our every day shoes in the garage, saving lots of space in our entryway cabinet! This was an affordable way to add extra dedicated space to our home without any demo or large budget!

I added clear organization bins to the top drawer of the cabinet for all of our essentials - keys, pens, coupons, tape, etc... It's nice having a dedicated and organized space to go to when we're in a hurry!

The second tier holds something you might not expect - card games! We LOVE to play games as a family, and this cabinet sits right next to our kitchen table. Storing all of our favorite games in the cabinet is so convenient and makes clean up time a breeze.

Curious what our favorite games are? We absolutely love the line of games from Grandpa Beck and you can receive 15% off your order with code THERURALLEGEND. Our top 2 favorites are Cover Your A$$ets and Gnoming A Round!

Things like school forms and stationary are also stored here. I keep things organized with shallow plastic bins. In the spirit of sustainability, I just used shallow bins I found around the house. This is one of those times I'm not concerned if everything matches. Using what we already had also kept this process more affordable! We also store our extra cables and the echo dot we take outside with us in this cabinet.

As always when organizing a space, make sure to take everything out and start with a fresh clean space to simplify the organization process. After I assessed what we needed to store and what could be tossed, do you know what I realized? I have nothing currently to store in the third tier! It was holding a bunch of stuff that needed to be relocated or tossed. It feels good having an empty space to utilize if we need to down the road! Simplifying feels SO good!

What do you keep stored in your command center or entry cabinet? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, L

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