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5 Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Bedroom For Winter

The nights are getting colder and the days are getting shorter. I'm here to help you get your bedroom ready for the coziest season of the year!

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath and Beyond

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to work with Bed Bath and Beyond to bring you their coziest styles for the long winter months ahead! I'm sharing my best tips to stay warm and make your bedroom a cozy retreat this season with easy swap outs for your home! Bonus: Right now, BBB is offering a free trial of their Beyond+ membership, which gets you 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!

This post contains affiliate links.

Base Layers

One of the easiest swap outs for winter is to bring in flannel or fleece sheets. I only discovered these were a thing a few years ago, and I will never look back! Flannel sheets have a brushed nap, which gives the fabric a soft, cozy feel against the skin making it ideal for your bed during the winter months! Bed Bath and Beyond has a wide array of options in the cutest prints so not only will your bed feel extra cozy, but you won't have to sacrifice style. Here are some of my favorites this season with amazing reviews!

  1. Bee and Willow Christmas Plaid Flannel

  2. Ugg Flannel Sheet Set

  3. Morgan Home Ethan Turkish Cotton Flannel

  4. Micro Flannel Sheet Set

  5. Eddie Bauer Ski Slope

  6. Peak Performance Knitted Fleece

Warm Textures and Layers

Snuggling under the weight of several bedding layers is the best feeling - like a hug from your bed!! That's the reason why weighted blankets have become so popular for a more restful night's sleep! Layer your bed with cozy layers in velvets, tweeds, and sherpa for not only a luxe look, but a warm and cozy night of slumber! For my own bed, I chose this gorgeous velvet quilt in the prettiest mushroom taupe that is so incredibly soft against my skin! I paired it with a chunky tweed duvet cover that feels like I wrapped myself in the softest sweater!

Pro Tip: When coordinating different fabrics, think of each texture like a pattern and make sure to choose a variety of "pattern" sizes for a styled bed. I love the contrast between the wide stitch of this velvet quilt and the small woven texture of the duvet. I chose crisp white flannel sheets and a solid velvet bolster pillow so that the bed didn't feel too busy.

Here are some of my absolute favorites I found at Bed Bath and Beyond. I wish I could choose them all, but I think we'd probably wake up a bit overheated! lol!

  1. Bee and Willow Femme Tweed Duvet

  2. Studio 3B Velvet Quilt

  3. Sherpa Reversible Comforter

  4. Ugg Mammoth Faux Fur Blanket

  5. Nestwell Pure Earth Quilt

  6. Studio 3B Velvet Oblong Pillow

  7. Farmhouse Plaid Throw


This is the first time we ever brought a rug into our bedroom, and I don't know why it took us this long! We already have carpet in the master - not necessarily carpet we would have chosen ourselves, but it's what we have. Adding an 8x10 rug under our king bed instantly grounded the space, made our room feel more luxe, and feels so incredibly soft under foot! Obviously, if you have wood flooring in your room, a rug is a no brainer way to make the space warmer, but a carpeted bedroom is as equally in need of that added layer of warmth and color! The blue and taupe palette in this Bee and Willow rug is absolutely stunning in person and is an amazing quality for the price point! (and currently on sale!)

Our room now feels cozier, richer and more inviting. Even my husband, who thought adding a rug to the space was a ridiculous idea, raved about how different the space feels and looks!

  1. Bee and Willow Winchester Rug

  2. Levtex Home Medallion Rug

  3. Bee and Willow Ashby Rug

  4. Bee and Willow Camden Plaid Rug

  5. Safavieh Isabella Rug

  6. Safavieh Vintage Red Rug


I don't know if there's anything that helps a space feel cozier than good lighting and soothing scents. We have diffused essential oils in our home for years and love the sense of calm and relaxation it can bring, which is especially important at night! I found this stunning diffuser that actually looks like a flickering candle! It adds warm light and ambiance to the space while also diffusing our favorite scents. If you don't like to diffuse oils, adding a few candles - real or battery operated - adds warm glow to help you unwind and relax before bed.

  1. SpaRoom Oppulance Diffuser

  2. H for Happy Taper Set

  3. Danya B. Wall Sconces

  4. SpaRoom Soothing Snooze Diffuser - this one is also a sound machine!!!

  5. SpaRoom Lunaria Diffuser

  6. SpaRoom Dahlia Diffuser

Cozy Accessories

You know the best way to make a cozy bedroom even cozier? Self care! Slide into the softest robe and slippers and treat yourself to an at home facial and massage! Seriously, this facial steamer is incredible! And it's on major Black Friday sale right now! My husband loves this massager to work out tight knots in his shoulders. It's like a spa in your own home!

  1. Vanity Planet Facial Steamer

  2. Deep Tissue Massager

  3. NestWell Sherpa Slippers

  4. Minnetonka Men's Slippers

  5. Bee and Willow Cozy Robe

  6. Herringbone Turkish Cotton Bath Robe

I hope you find some inspiration here to create your own cozy retreat in your home! Thank you, Bed Bath and Beyond for the opportunity to work together and share some amazing products! I find it much harder to get out of bed in the morning now that our room is in full cozy-mode! Make sure to subscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of the page to receive updated when new posts are published so you never miss an opportunity to be inspired! And don't forget to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for more easy DIY's, home styling tips and a peek inside our every day life!

xoxo, L

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