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Easy DIY Flower basket and Spring Porch Refresh

I can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to dressing up my front porch for Spring! I'm ready for some brighter colors and all of the florals! Last year, I made this gorgeous wooden bead wreath, that has since had over 2 million hits on Pinterest! This year I wanted to switch it up a bit and do something I've never done before: NOT put a wreath on my front door!

While I'm a pretty creative gal, I haven't reinvented the wheel on this one. There are tons of floral basket photos out there, but let me tell you why this might be a great option for your front door - IT'S SUPER EASY TO MAKE! Have you ever put flowers into a vase before? You can make this hanging flower basket!

I know wreaths can be a little intimidating to make yourself, and even more expensive to buy!!! So my suggestion for you to is try a gorgeous basket filled with whatever faux florals make you swoon. What's even better is that when you're ready to switch up your décor, those floral stems can easily be used in a vase in your home, transformed into a wreath, or added to garland! I'm all about décor that serves multiple purposes!

I'm going to show you how I made mine along with a big round up of gorgeous hanging baskets and artificial flowers no one will guess aren't real! Let's get to it!

DIY floral basket


How to make it

Start by placing the foam inside your basket. This is going to keep all of your florals together and secure.

Note: if you have a more open weave in your basket like mine, line the basket with a neutral colored fabric or towel. I used a scrap of drop cloth I had on hand. This will hide your foam and all those stems you're going to add.

Begin inserting floral stems into the foam, starting with the largest flowers first (if you have various sizes). I used a large dahlia from my fall table scape and added smaller florals around it. The majority of my florals came as a boxed set for a very affordable price! This is such a great option if you feel unsure or intimidated about what florals or colors to put together. These curated boxes do the work for you! You just need to insert a stem into each flower, which is also provided!

Once your flowers are secured in foam, play around with the height and placement. Nothing is glued down so rearrange as much as you want! I also bent some stems forward to allow the flowers to have a natural "drooped" look. I added in some long greenery pieces left over from last year's wreath for a little interest and depth, but this isn't necessary for a stunning look!

Hang on your door or a hook and admire your gorgeous creation! Pretty easy, right?!

shop the look

| curated floral box | real feel peonies | daffodils | marigolds | assorted bouquet |

| eucalyptus | white roses | chrysanthemum | ranunculus | peony bundle |

| basket 1 | basket 2 | basket 3 | basket 4 | basket 5 | basket 6 |

With my floral basket made, it was time to clean up my front porch after months of neglect. I threw away dead plants, cleaned my painted concrete porch, and laid out my Spring rugs and pillows. It feels so bright and fresh!

I hope you feel inspired to get into Spring mode and give your front door a little upgrade with this easy DIY! Make sure to tag me on Instagram if you make a floral basket! And don't forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page to receive email updates when new posts are published!

xoxo, L

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Shop my tops picks for a gorgeous Spring front porch below!

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love it? pin it for later!

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