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DIY Basket Planter

I've had my eye on this gorgeous planter from Anthropologie for months and I set out to make it myself for a fraction of the cost! While it's not an identical replica, I love how this easy DIY turned out!

Here's how I made it for under $10!


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  • basket - I thrifted mine from Good Will for $2

  • wood beads - I used 25 mm but use whatever size works best with your basket

  • fishing line

  • hot glue - a little pricey but this gun is my fav

  • spray paint - I always go for Rustoleum and they have a new "ultra matte" line!

How to make it

if your basket has handles like mine, start by cutting them off.

String your beads on fishing line and tie each end to your basket, making a "U" shaped handle on each side. I used 11 beads for each handle.

Secure some or all of the beads to the basket with hot glue for extra durability.

Spray paint the entire basket, starting with the planter upside down and turning right side up once the first coat is dry. It took me almost an entire can of spray paint because I used a light color on a red basket.

I wish I had used a flat spray paint rather than satin, but I worked with a color that I had. I could easily spray the basket again with a coat of clear matte spray.

I absolutely love how this turned out and I think it looks so good in my new office! What do you think? If you make this planter, make sure to share it on social media and tag me for a change to be featured - #therurallegend or @therurallegend.

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xoxo, L

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