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Dino-Mite Birthday

My son has been obsessed with dinosaurs since the age of 3. For his 4th birthday, he requested a dinosaur party, and I happily obliged with a "Four-ocious" Birthday Party!

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Before you even entered the house, I wanted the fun to start. I found these dino footprints at Hobby Lobby and taped them to our front walk way.

This is the first year I set up a table just for the kids. It was so fun to see them all huddled around the table giggling and chatting. Using my son's plastic dinosaurs made decorating very easy (and inexpensive!)

dinosaur party decor

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dinosaur party decor

I used this tutorial to make mini party hats for the dinosaurs.

I can't stand how cute they are!!!

I hung striped plastic tablecloths on the wall and added balloons and garland to

add to our prehistoric jungle theme

dinosaur party ideas

For the cake table, I used another table cloth to cover a wall that is usually filled with family photos. This gave me a bold backdrop that allowed the other decor to stand out and made for better pictures. "ROAR" balloons and more garland rounded out the look. All of my paper products, including the treat bags are from Target. I found a really cute tropical themed party set that went well with a prehistoric jungle.

dinosaur party ideas

For the cake, my son requested chocolate everything! (like mother, like son) I used 2 different pan sizes to create a tiered chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling and dark chocolate frosting. I crushed up oreos to decorate the outside with "dirt" and placed more toy dinosaurs around the cake. I topped the cake with my son's favorite, T-Rex and a "4" candle.

dinosaur cake

I wanted to choose some craft activities to keep the kids busy before lunch time. I found safari hats and added letter stickers to spell out each child's name. I gave them each a sheet of dinosaur stickers to decorate their "paleontologist hats." The kids had a blast and wore their hats for the remainder of the party!

dinosaur party craft ideas
paleontologist hats for kids

I also filled a bunch of plastic Easter eggs with dinosaur gummies, mini dinosaurs, and stickers and hid them all around our backyard for a dinosaur egg hunt. Each kid was given a bag for collecting eggs.

dinosaur egg hunt

For lunch, we served dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets - not the healthiest food - but perfect for a dinosaur party! I also found this amazing tutorial for a queso volcano. Every dino party needs one of these!!! I own a very small slow cooker that I was able to set into the top of the volcano. I ran the cord inside the volcano and pulled it out of the back to plug in. We were able to have warm queso for the entire party!

queso volcano, nacho volcano, super bowl party food, birthday party food, dinosaur party

Our little dinosaur lover had a blast and so did we! One thing I would have done differently is that I felt I sent parents' home with a lot of "stuff." They had hats, bags of eggs, and 'thank you' treat bags, which made arms very full. But hey, it's a party and if you can't overindulge at a party, then when can you?! I hope you find inspiration here! As always, reach out if you have questions and please share your own ideas with me!!!

xoxo, L

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Feb 14

Hi! Great ideas! What did you include in the party favors?

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