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Christmas Styling Tips

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, and making our home feel like Christmas brings me so much joy! It just feels extra special and warm when the soft glow of our tree is the only light in our family room at night. I love snuggling under all of the holiday throws I've curated while watching our favorite movies. And pulling out the box of ornaments leads to reminiscing about our most loved travels and adventures.

peg rail shelves with christmas decor

I love to incorporate our regular decor into my styling because I have less stuff to store while my Christmas decorations are up, and it's fun to add a little pizazz to the things we normally walk past every day. A perfect example of this is my mason jar collection.

mason jars filled with bottle brush trees

I keep a set of 5 antique jars above my kitchen cabinets all year round, but during the holidays I fill them with artificial snow and bottle brush trees. In the past, I've also filled them with small glass ornaments for a little sparkle.

white kitchen with christmas decorations

Another go-to style for me is mixing antiques with modern decor. The play between old and new creates contrast and interest. I pair silver mercury trees with an old chalkboard.

christmas decorations on a dining room sideboard

My antique ornament collection is displayed in large glass apothecary jars and mixed with modern metallic ornaments on the tree. This "vintage elegance" feels warm and homey while also giving a touch of glamor and sparkle.

apothecary jar filled with antique christmas ornaments

Lastly, my very favorite Christmas go-to is to display pieces I've collected from past generations. If you are fortunate to inherit Christmas decorations, show them off! They don't always compliment my style, but they remind me of sweet loved ones I've lost. My grandmother's little ceramic Santa boot doesn't really go with most of my other decor, but I always find a home for it because every time I see it, I think of her.

antique ceramic santa boot

Another idea to remember loved ones - enlarge and frame family recipes! This is one of my family's favorite recipes my grandmother used to make.

framed family cookie recipe

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for the holidays? I hope you find some inspiration here! As always, I hope you share my ideas with others and I would love if you shared yours with me!

xoxo, L


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