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Black Death Punch

It's the day before Halloween, and we are gearing up for a festive weekend filled with lots of fun (and candy!) Tonight, we are hosting our neighbors around the fire pit for some mountain pies and our signature Halloween cocktail, Black Death Punch. I found this recipe years ago when we were preparing to host our first Halloween party - Boos, Booze, and Brews. This year would have marked our 8th annual BBB party. We decided not to hold our party this year, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy our Black Death Punch! And now you can enjoy it too!

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  • 2 C Vodka, your favorite brand, you can also choose a fruit flavored vodka

  • 1 C Razzmatazz

  • 1 packet black cherry Kool Aid

  • I bag of frozen mixed berried, thawed and muddled

  • 1 2L ginger ale

Optional: ice hand, pop rocks for a science lab vibe, plastic eyeballs to float in the punch bowl

Mix all the ingredients together in a pitcher or punch bowl. I typically triple or quadruple this recipe for our party. The berries float to the top for a creepy effect.

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To make an ice hand, fill a disposable glove (not dusted with powder) with water, tie up the opening and freeze.

I hope you enjoy this creepy cocktail as much as we do!

xoxo, L

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