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Achieve The look for less- Pumpkin Fall Wreath

When it comes to Fall decorations, organic elements like pumpkins, pinecones, and florals never really go out of style. I try to avoid trendy decor that I may only use for one season in order to save money and reduce the amount of "stuff" I have to store off season. This classic pumpkin wreath perfectly fits the criteria and can be styled inside your home on on your front door for Fall.

A pumpkin wreath hanging on a door next to an assortment of orange and white pumpkins.

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front porch with fall decorations, pumpkin wreath


I saw this simple elegant pumpkin wreath at Pottery Barn this year and loved the classic style, but not the $89 price tag. So my friends, what do I always say? "When we can't buy, we DIY!"

A pumpkin wreath hanging on a door.

This simple Fall wreath is created with a basic grapevine wreath, adorable paper pumpkins, and hot glue. That's it! It took me less than 10 minutes and it probably would take less if I didn't need to hold a few pumpkins in place which the glue hardened!

NOTE: I found my pumpkins at Home Goods in the store for $7.99 for 12. If you can't find them in store, these are almost identical.

A front porch with fall decorations.

In fact, this pumpkin wreath is so easy to make, it doesn't even require a full tutorial. Simply hot glue your pumpkins around the edges of your wreath to make 1, 2, or 3 concentric rings depending upon your taste!

front porch with faux pumpkins, mums, and pumpkin wreath

Money saving tips for wreath making

If you have an old wreath you no longer use, consider taking all of the florals/items off of it and reusing the wreath form to save money! I used the grapevine wreath from a fall DIY I made almost 10 years ago for this one!

A pumpkin wreath.

Look at thrift stores for wreath forms too! Instead of $10-$20 for a grapevine wreath at the craft store, you'll spend about $4-$5!

A pumpkin wreath hanging from a door.

Maybe you have small decorative gourds from a previous season or you find some while thrifting - consider painting them to give them a new life and make this wreath!

For more wreath inspiration, start here!

xoxo, L

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