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A Makeover For The Original Home Office

For most of our marriage, we have been blessed with the opportunity for Tim to work from home. When we refinished our basement about 3 years ago, we included a small home office in the design. Until recently, Tim and I shared the space, but truly, he was the only one actually using it for work. When the idea to turn our guest room into my office came up, I was so excited to give Tim's space a big makeover!

The past year has been incredibly challenging work-wise for Tim and much of his time is spent in our basement staring at a computer screen. When we first built the office, we used furniture and art that we already owned or that was very inexpensive. It never felt cohesive and the larger furniture we used made the room feel tight and dark. Tim's one request with this makeover was to keep the dark wall color - he originally chose it and he loves it so much! My goal was to open and brighten the space while adding some warmth and sophistication for a room much more deserving of the title "home office."

As I always do, I started mocking up a mood board with a modern masculine vibe. You can read all about why mood boards are so important and beneficial here! I was drawn to rustic dark wood tones, black metal, and a vintage inspired rug to cozy up the room. Tim's feet are always cold, so adding a rug will be a game changer for him! I also made sure to choose a washable option because Tim is a little less than careful with his coffee! Removing the tall bulky cabinet and adding industrial shelving will make the room feel more spacious and allow more light to disperse.

Black and white photographs will hang on the walls. I'm currently going through old travel photos we have taken because our family trips are incredibly special to Tim. We'll also be completing a deep clean and purge!!! The room has been packed with all of my art and craft supplies along with all of Tim's things, so cleaning out the space will significantly help make the room feel more open!

Lastly, Tim is in need of a major desk and office chair upgrade! His old corner desk has him facing the back wall all day and his chair is not the most comfortable. I found this gorgeous real leather and wood Lazy Boy chair on clearance at Staples and this enormous wood writing desk at Home Depot on sale! (high five!) I love the vintage inspired hardware for a much more sophisticated and less I-just-gradated-from-college look.

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desk | rug | file cabinet | baskets | lamp | chair | shelves

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing our progress on Instagram so make sure you're following along to see what we're up to! And don't forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page to receive email updates when new posts are published. Trust me, you are not going to want to miss the big reveal of this space!!!

xoxo, L

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