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5 Meaningful and Budget Friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

Let's be honest, moms deserve EVERYTHING, but sometimes our budgets don't reflect how much mom means to us, am I right??? I put together a short and sweet list of thoughtful, meaningful gift ideas for mom that are budget friendly but will still show mom, or a woman you'd like to celebrate how much you appreciate her.

mother and son in field

1. A day off

Let's just get the big one out of the way. Especially for younger moms, what we really want is a day off! No cooking, cleaning, or changing a single diaper. A day of pampering, peace, and really good snacks. Some moms want to spend mother's day with their family and other's would love to spend the day alone.

Regardless, taking over allllll the household needs for the day and letting mom breathe a bit is a great way to show her she's appreciated! And picking up the slack is practically free so, there's also that! Send her to get her nails done, encourage her to go for an extra long run, whatever will help mom recharge and know things are go to go at home.

2. Scavenger hunt

I don't know anyone who doesn't love solving clues and searching for treasure! Get the kids involved in writing up and hiding clues for mom. Include notes telling her what you love about her, maybe some of her favorite treats. Lead her to a big surprise at the end - anything from a backyard picnic with the whole family to an afternoon at the spa. The thought and preparation that goes into a scavenger hunt will definitely mean a lot!

mother holding son

I gifted these beautiful books to my parents the other year for Christmas, and they are so beautifully made and detailed. While you're gifting this book to mom, she ultimately is creating a gift for the family answering the thoughtful prompts about her life and experiences. There's also one for grandmother's too!

4. Something handmade

Some of my most treasured mother's day gifts were made by my husband and son. Try this easy framed flower DIY! It's a beautiful and simple way to get the kids involved while still producing an elegant piece of art!

see other DIYs for mom here!

mother holding son

5. Acknowledgment

Speaking as a mom, all we really want is to feel seen and appreciated for all of the hard work we put in. That doesn't have to mean lavish gifts. Simple handwritten notes that share how grateful you are for her can mean so much. Interview the kids and ask them questions about mom - what they love about her, what they are thankful for... Find a way to express how much you appreciate all that she does.

If you'd still like to buy something for mom, I found some really beautiful personalized gift ideas from small businesses that would make the perfect Mother's Day gift!

shop personalized gifts

Looking for more affordable inspiration? Check out all of my Springtime DIYs here!

xoxo, L



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