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5 Easy ways to dress up your Home for Summer

It is unofficially the start of summer and I wanted to share the easy ways I get our house in summer vacation mode!

backyard, patio umbrella, outdoor dining table with table setting

Swap out dinnerware

outdoor dining table with placesetting

Around the time the weather gets warm enough that it's comfortable to sit outside for longer than 5 minutes I swap out all of my dinnerware. Tucking all of my traditional dinnerware away and subbing in all of my non-breakable dinnerware encourages us to eat dinner outside almost every night! Last year I also solved the problem of how to reheat food since traditional melamine is not microwave safe. I discovered wheat straw dinnerware, which is made out of the byproduct of harvesting wheat! So not only is my outdoor dinnerware adorable and unbreakable, but it's sustainable and eco-friendly! I put together a round up of my favorite wheat straw products for you including the ones I own!

kitchen cabinet with outdoor dinnerware, wheat straw plates

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Add Solar Lights

patio with solar spotlights

I love how much longer the days are over the warmer months, but to keep the "party" going even later, we use these affordable solar spotlights to help brighten our patio and the steps of our firepit. No stumbling around in the dark and they create a beautiful ambiance without any electricity! Oh and when I said party, I definitely meant snuggled up with a book and some popcorn, lol!

back yard with pink flowers, rock rose, and solar spotlights

Outdoor Cushions and Pillows

Make your outdoor spaces much more cozy and inviting by adding some extra pillows and cushions! My son loves to draw with chalk on our patio and because this mama doesn't love sitting on the pavers for too long, we have a few floor cushions to keep us comfy! Add a little color to your patio furniture with outdoor pillows and switch up your style year to year inexpensively by swapping out the cover instead of the entire pillow!

paver firepit patio with fire pit, brown lifetime Adirondack chairs, green outdoor accent tables, garden

| Adirondack chairs |

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Smore's Kit

making s'mores, placing marshmallow on skewer

Summer is s'mores season so make sure you're prepared by keeping a kit ready to go when the craving strikes! I love this tote from Hershey's to keep all of our materials fresh! Find all our favorite unique recipes for s'mores here!

hershey candy bars, graham crackers, pumpkin whoopie pies, woven serving tray, s'mores


family room living room with gray vintage rug, leather tufted ottoman, gray sofa with pillows, white brick fireplace, built in book cases with vintage and modern decor, vintage caned accent chair

| rug | ottoman | blush pillow cover | white pillow cover | basket | yellow floral pillow |

It's just too hot most of the time to feel like doing much around the house during those warm summer months, so do yourself a favor take some time to declutter and purge! The less you have out on the surfaces in your home, the easier it will be to keep things tidy and you'll spend much less time cleaning and more time relaxing like you deserve!

white brick fireplace with shelves, vintage thrifted decor

Do you have some special things you do every year to get ready for summer? Leave me a comment and tell me! Make sure you're following along on Instagram for extra DIYs, styling tips and a peek inside our every day life! And if you want the VIP experience, make sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter for exclusive content you won't find anywhere else!

xoxo, L

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