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5 Easy Tips for Shelf Styling

I often hear from people that styling shelves intimidates them. Where should they start, and what is the best way to create a cohesive look? I'm sharing 5 easy tips I always make sure to follow when styling shelves in my home.

My hope is that when you follow these rules, you'll have more confidence to grab hold of your own personal style and never feel intimated to tackle shelves again!

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5 rules for effortless shelf styling

1. something old, something new

Mixing modern and vintage together not only adds visual interest, but it also makes your space look more high end and curated. Shelves filled with fresh, out-of-the-box-décor can seem boring. If you aren't fortunate enough to have family heirloom décor, check out thrift stores and flea markets for inexpensive options!

See my 3 easy tips for a successful thrifting trip here!

2. varying heights

Take note of the size of the items you choose. For visual interest, break up shelves with different items in different heights. Pro Tip: If you have a large substantial piece on one shelf, don't put another large heavy object directly below it.

3. cohesive color scheme

You don't need your décor to look matchy matchy, but be mindful of the color scheme that looks best with your home. Black and white, neutral décor, or pulling in one pop of color such as blue creates a cohesive look that makes the space look polished.

Pro Tip: Change out your color scheme as often and you like! Over the winter months, I like to choose more rich, dark tones and antique metallic pieces. During the warmer months, I choose light and bright options.

4. layer

Layering picture frames or stacking books creates depth and interest to a shelf. Drape wooden bead garland over a decorative box or top a stack of books with a pretty little treasure.

5. choose joy

Above all else, fill your shelves with the things that make YOU happy! Use sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and The Rural Legend as places for inspiration - not the end all be all style answer!

Pro Tip: Take your time collecting the pieces you love and create a space that makes YOU feel happy and at home! I have spent years collecting treasures from family members passed and unique décor pieces to curate a space that feels, well, like ME!

I hope you find some inspiration here to style your shelf spaces more intentionally and without stress or intimidation! Share your spaces with the hashtag #TheRuralLegend for a chance to have your home featured on my Instagram page! Make sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page to receive email updates when new posts are published so you never miss and opportunity to be inspired!

xoxo, L

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