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3 Easy Thrifting Tips

One of the most sustainable and affordable ways to shop for décor is thrifting! I am obsessed with the thrill of finding the diamond in the rough - or even turning the rough into a diamond! Here are the tricks that have helped me fill my home with gorgeous décor for a fraction of the cost to buy new! Happy hunting!

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1. Look at the shape, not the color

The power of paint can automatically turn trash into treasure! Some of the most beautiful items I have thrifted have been a finish or color that was either plain ugly or just not my style. Vases can be transformed into "handmade" pottery with a few coats of paint mixed with baking soda! Or a $4 floor lamp (below) can transform into a high end look a like with a little spray paint!

floor lamp


floor lamp

Candlesticks and frames can be any metallic finish you like! My favorite products to use are rub and buff and Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish. Those hand painted 1980's ceramic figurines you see dotting the shelves can become beautiful shelf accents or bookends with a coat of flat black or brass paint.

framed daffodil painting

2. shop often

Don't get discouraged if you head to the thrift store once and strike out. You gotta stay with it to find the good stuff! I can even go 2 days in a row and discover something new the next day! And try out different neighborhood thrift stores! More affluent neighborhoods are going to have some nice stuff!

princess house crystal lamp

3. give it a second look

It takes my brain a while to adjust to looking at the shape versus the color or style, so take the time to walk down the isles a second time and see if you missed any special pieces! Often, I will find a treasure I had overlooked!

white kitchen

If you're an avid thrifter, what's a tip you always use when you head to the shops? Leave a comment and tell me! Make sure to follow along on Instagram for weekly thrift store tours!

xoxo, L

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