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Mar 16, 2021

DIY Spring Wreath

Updated: Mar 31

One of my very favorite things to style each season is my front porch. I think the reason is because it's the first impression people get of our home and I love to make it feel as warm and inviting as possible. Spring is probably the best season to style for because I love to bring in ALL the color! And with color, comes flowers! It's way too early in the season to fill my pots with all of my favorite plants, but signs of spring are definitely showing up on my front door!

I have seen a few wooden ball wreaths hanging around on the internet (pun intended) and I wanted to put my own spin on this adorable DIY! Once you have the basic materials, you can customize this wreath for any season! And I will certainly be making more variations of this in the future! This would make such a beautiful house warming gift or Easter gift!

DIY Wooden Ball Wreath

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Options from Michael's

Here are other floral options from Amazon if you prefer

How to Make It

Using a hot glue, attach your split wood balls to the ring portion of your wreath. Tip - I set my ring on top of a paper plate to elevate it so I didn't end up gluing my wreath to my work surface!

Once your beads are glued in place, begin cutting the blooms off of their stems about 1/2 inch to an inch below the base of each bloom. You don't want any more stem than this because the stems will poke into your door or wall.

I like to start with the largest blooms first and place those front and center on this type of wreath. Apply hot glue to the bottom of your bloom and poke the stem through a mesh opening. You will have some hot glue drip so make sure to protect your work surface. I also propped my wreath up on 2 trivets so that my florals could rest flush against the wire mesh while the glue dried. (see picture below)

Continue to add more florals in size order (largest to smallest) and finish with your leaves and greenery, such as eucalyptus. You can choose to place your blooms symmetrically or in a random placement like I did. Make sure there are no gaps between your blooms by adding in small pieces of leaves and greenery. Every so often take a step back and look at your wreath from a distance to check that you're happy with the placement. If at any time you change your mind, simply pull out the flowers to adjust!

I LOVE the color combination of the pale blush, bright yellow and sage green. When choosing your florals, be mindful of where you will hang your wreath! My front door is dark blue, so I knew these colors would POP!

Decide how you want to hang your wreath. You could attach a small loop of wire or twine to the back to hang on a nail or hook. You can simply hang it on a wreath hanger. Or you can hang it with ribbon like I did. I'll show you how I did that in a minute.

I had 3 options of ribbon in my craft drawer so I laid them all out with my wreath in order to decide. I chose the gray satin ribbon, but honestly, all 3 looked good. Which one would you choose?

To hang my wreath with a ribbon, I attached a 3M hook to the opposite side of my door at the very top. I hung the hook upside down, so the ribbon drapes over the top of the door and holds my wreath on the other side. That way, the hook is hidden for a cleaner look!

Other wreath form ideas

Options for hanging your wreath

Will you be making a wreath this spring? I hope you try this easy DIY and let me know how it turns out! Don't forget to tag me on Instagram! Add the hashtag #therurallegend. For more easy and gorgeous DIY décor, make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single opportunity to be inspired!

xoxo, L

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