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Jun 30, 2021

DIY Beaded Mirror

Updated: Apr 12

Recently, I decided to tidy up our guest bedroom. Through the pandemic, it became a catch-all for things that needed stored but hadn't found a home and it. was. a. mess! And of course, no one was coming to stay with us, so it was a perfect storm for clutter! While I was decluttering, I came across a mirror that was originally hanging in our half bathroom when we first moved into our home. It wasn't anything special or really my style, but it was well made and so I hung onto it. (pun intended)

I also recently switched around some art in our home to freshen up the top of our staircase - which had been feeling stale and stagnant for a while. (nothing better than shopping your own home for décor!) The framed art I had hanging at the bottom on the stairs became the perfect statement piece at the top, leaving an empty spot by our entryway. And then I remembered the mirror and felt inspired!

This DIY was so incredibly simple and literally took me 10 minutes, not including the time between coats of spray paint. My ho-hum oval mirror completely transformed into a gorgeous high end piece of décor that works perfectly with our newly renovated hallway! (you can find all the details on that here!) AND it brings even more light and depth to the space, double win! Don't you just love when you can upcycle something old and give it new life?! Talk about sustainabilty!

This DIY would work on any mirror and any size of split wood balls. It would even work on an unframed mirror! Try varying the sizes of balls for added interest or keep them uniform for a classic style. Here's what you need to achieve the look:

DIY Beaded Mirror

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How to Make it

Clean your mirror frame or edges first so that the glue adheres completely. Arrange the balls the entire way around your mirror to make sure you don't end up with a small empty space at the end. Using hot glue, attach the balls around the edge of your frame.

When the glue is hardened, tape off the mirror portion with painter's tape and paper. Lay your mirror down on scrap cardboard or other material and spray paint. Apply paint in several light coats to avoid drips and runs. Let the paint dry according to the directions on the paint can.

Remove the tape and paper, and use a razor blade to remove any paint that may have gotten onto the mirror. Some how, I ended up with a whole bunch of over spray on the mirror even after masking it off, but it was easy to clean with a blade!

Hang your mirror and admire your creation - simple, right?!

This same technique could be used for a picture frame as well! How cute would that look?! I hope you find some inspiration here in this affordable DIY! Don't forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page so you never miss an opportunity to be inspired! And if you make a beaded mirror, make sure to share it with me! If you're using Instagram, don't forget to tag me @therurallegend or #therurallegend! I can't wait to see what you create!

xoxo, L

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